Asian Pulp & Paper's Environmental Claims "Mostly Hogwash", WWF Report Shows

Asian Pulp & Paper gets little love from the environmental community these days, despite its claims of improving its supply chain and claiming to protect habitat for endangered wildlife. A new report from WWF takes APP to task and finds their green claims thoroughly fictitious.

WWF shows that despite making promises to source all of its timber from plantations, thereby avoiding continued clear-cutting of Indonesian rainforest (though expanding plantations are themselves a serious issue), APP has missed its own deadlines for this pledge in 2004, 2007, and 2009. It currently says 2015 is the time when it will stop sourcing wood from intact forests.

Furthermore, satellite imagery shows that one APP supplier is clear cutting forest inside the Senepis tiger sanctuary—the establishment of which APP initially opposed in 2006 and then, in a transparent PR reversal, claimed it was a key player in creating, due to contributing land totaling less than 16% of the sanctuary's area.

The huge discrepancy between APP's claims of environmental responsibility is such that the Netherland's Advertising Codes Commission has found that APP ads have been misleading the public.

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