Asia Pulp & Paper Fires Back at Greenpeace After Losing High-Profile Customers

Greenpeace v Asia Pulp & Paper photo© Greenpeace/via

Active clearance of forested tiger habitat in SMG/APP (Sinar Mas Group, Asia Pulp and Paper). Mattel's Barbie was part of a Greenpeace campaign against toy-makers for sourcing from APP.

For months, Greenpeace has been waging a campaign against Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), an international paper supply giant, for products that the organization says contain fibers from Indonesian forests, where deforestation has been a focus of international attention because of its record-breaking speed and implications for climate change for years. reports that "after losing several high profile customers in recent months due to the Greenpeace campaign, APP earlier this month fired back at Greenpeace in a press release that accused the activist group of making 'false allegations.'"

But, the story continues, the company carefully worded the press release to mislead and leave out certain key facts. quotes an email from Greenpeace forest campaigner Andy Tait:

"Firstly, IPS was asked to test the virgin fibre component of the packaging products, a fact that was ignored. Secondly, IPS testing procedures do identify recycled fibre content if present, a fact that was also ignored. Finally APP appears to imply that IPS gave them specific information about testing for recycled fibre content, something that IPS has confirmed is not the case"...

"We’ve got a mountain of evidence linking APP to rainforest destruction, starting with APP’s own documents."

"And then we have our own research. By carrying out overflights of APP concession areas we have repeatedly documented, using GPS images, large-scale rainforest clearance by APP’s suppliers. Our mappers have pinpointed deforestation in APP supplier concessions, our on-the-ground investigations have tracked the timber from these areas to APP mills, and our chain-of-custody research links the products from these mills to global brands like those in the toy sector."

Check out the full story for more about the battle between APP and Greenpeace, and some of the context behind the quotes and accusations.

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