Asia-Eco-Design Electronics Conference To Take Place in Thailand

Asia eco-electro.jpg

On April 10, The Emerald Hotel in Bangkok will host the Asia-Eco-Design Electronics Conference. The conference is being held in association with The Centre for Sustainable Design (UK) along with Swedish, Indian and Chinese electronics companies and institutes. The opening address will be given by the director of The Centre for Sustainable Design, Martin Charter. The main theme of the conference will be how ‘Thailand's electronics, electrical and home appliance companies are increasingly being impacted by environmental and social issues and these developments have significant implications for Thai manufacturers and assemblers, especially those that already export or plan to trade with EC, Japan and US.’ The conference programme will ‘provide an update on key developments in Europe, Japan, India and China, and will launch the results of a new study on Thailand. In addition, there will be an introduction to the business advantages of eco-design. The Centre for Sustainable Design has recently won half a million euros to help Thai, Indian and Chinese electronics companies understand EC and Japanese environmental legislation and build competence in eco-design. You can download a registration form for the conference here. Entry is free. Via: o2 Group