"Secret" World Bank Biofuel Report May Not Have Been So Secret After All

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The status of the claimed-to-be secret World Bank report which asserts that 75% of the recent rise in food prices can be linked to biofuels may have to be revised, based on statements from the World Bank.

Only a Working Paper
The Wall Street Journal has quoted Donald Mitchell, author of the report, as saying that the paper was a working paper only and not the official position of the World Bank. Any changes made to the document were done for the sake of normal editing and not political reasons, Mitchell added.A World Bank spokesman told the WSJ:

[Mr.] Mitchell is still getting input from peer reviewers and the paper is still being finalized. As a result, the Bank chose not to use a specific figure in the Spring Meetings and G8 papers. As [World Bank boss Robert] Zoellick said today in Japan: “That’s an internal study that we’ve been circulating to people to try to get different views from other aid agencies and different economic analyses. So, my own view is that that is probably at the far end. You see other people talk about ranges of 20 percent, 25 percent. There’s some at the lower end that I think are less credible. So, on this one I think I’m going to rely on the experts to be able to sort it through."

Because of the publicity the report has received a final version of the paper is expected to be released by the end of the week.

via :: The New Republic and :: The Wall Street Journal
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