As of 2010, Water Offsets Have Saved 4 Billion Gallons of H20


Image: Triple Pundit

We've all heard of carbon offsets -- and we've all no doubt formed our own sharply divided opinions about them. The principle is now being applied to a molecule that we're running out of, not spewing out in droves: H20. We're talking water offsets. Here's Triple Pundit:

Water offsets, or as their creator BEF calls them, Water Restoration Certificates, do the seemingly impossible: Bring water back to dead or seasonally running waterways. Four billion gallons as of 2010.

But it's not some magic that brings water back.It's pragmatically providing incentives to those that own the water, to give it back ... Water Restoration Certificates bridge the gap, by paying those with senior rights to the water to allow it to remain in the body of water, rather then using it. Leave water in, it accumulates. A dry river bed brought back to life.

It's no doubt an interesting, market-based approach to mitigating the growing water crisis. Read the full report over at Triple Pundit.

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