Artists' Tee-Shirts for a Good Cause

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If you need a lift from the February blues and think that a new tee-shirt might do the trick, here's a green and cool choice. Created as an artists' series, these three shirts have been designed by three different artists. One is from Los Angeles, one from Montreal and another from Scotland (pictured).

The tee-shirts are all organic and the sponsor of the venture, Holiday Matinee, will donate 100% of the proceeds to Plant-It 2020. It's a non-profit that helps plant and maintain indigenous trees worldwide. Buying one tee-shirt will plant 20 trees.matinee holiday tee-shirts photo
image from Holiday Matinee
Plant-it 2020 was created by the legendary singer John Denver. It is "dedicated to properly planting, maintaining and protecting as many indigenous trees as possible worldwide. In addition to replenishing cities and forests, Plant-It 2020 also periodically provides educational workshops on forestry issues to thousands of children."

The charity plants trees around the world; one tree costs one dollar. The list of companies contributing and the resultant projects are awe-inspiring. It once more makes us realise how many people are contributing their time and money and efforts to worthy causes to protect the environment and help others. Holiday Matinee Via : Cool Hunting
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