Art Exhibit and Festival See off Earth Week in Buenos Aires

Eco art Exhibition in Buenos Aires, sculpture by Angles Alvarez Colombo.

(Picture: one of the art pieces at the exhibit. National pride, by Angles Alvarez Colombo.) In the first year Earth Day (April 22) has gained some notice in Argentina, late celebrations continued during the weekend in the country’s capital. On Friday, an exhibition focusing on artists who work with environmental and social issues opened at La Europea, a design house in Palermo neighborhood. On Saturday, the Buenos Aires Earth Day Festival had its first edition, gathering musicians and NGOs at the United Nations park, in fancy Recoleta neighborhood.

Even though the events weren’t massive, they are indicators of a growing interest by people in environmental issues. Argentina has been way behind in the ‘green wave’ trend that has reached massive status in the US, but seems to be catching up, with the word ‘verde’ (Spanish for ‘green’) starting to become popular, celebrities jumping in, and new websites and organizations focusing on a modern focus on ecology.The art exhibition was organized by Marca Futuro, a company focused on design innovation. After having created a ‘house of the future’ concept, the brand is now focusing on coming up with a sustainable house model to show people how to make their homes more environmental friendly.

Apart from the exhibit, the company has come up with a blog and a five-step ‘program’ to implement at home and at the office. Even though this might seem basic and even old in the States, the sources for this type of content in Spanish in Argentina are scarce and even inexistent.

Artists involved in the exhibit summed up 44, including plastic artists and designers. One of them was Reciclarte, a group of Argentine artists that work with trash as a material and with social and environmental conscience as theme for their pieces.

Eco Art Exhibit Buenos Aires. Night at the dumpster, by David Acevedo.

Night at the dumpster, picture by David Acevedo, from Reciclarte.
Eco Art Exhibit Buenos Aires. Night at the dumpster, by David Acevedo.

Sculpture by Alejandro Curtto, from Reciclarte.

The Buenos Aires Earth Day Festival was organized by Butterfly Comunicación Ambiental (Butterfly Environmental Communications), a new firm focused in gathering people, NGOs and companies to communicate issues associated to the environment through events that can reach a broader audience.

One more time, a business idea that might seem old for people in the US but that has almost no expressions in Argentina.

BCA has partnered with the Earth Day Network and will be in charge of the annual celebrations of Earth Day in the country. Its first attempt was a festival that gathered several well-known musicians in an open air event at the United Nations park (if you’ve been to Buenos Aires, that’s where the Floralis Generica lies).

According to the organizers, more than six thousand people passed by the event during the whole day (it began at 3pm and lasted until 4am).

Some pics of the festival at early hours:

Earth Day Buenos Aires Festival.

Earth Day Buenos Aires Festival.

Earth Day Buenos Aires Festival.

With these two happenings, Buenos Aires saw off Earth Week, but said hello to new people that are jumping on the green wagon. Of course, that’s nothing but good news.

Sites of the events’ organizers (all in Spanish):
::Marca Futuro ::Verde es Bueno (Marca Futuro’s green blog) ::BCA ::Earth Day Festival Buenos Aires

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