Arrgh, Stephane! Don't Do an Obama!

Here we are, getting all footsie under the table with new Liberal leader Stephane Dion, the new Great Green Hope, an environmentalist who can actually form a government, after a long intense relationship with Jack Layton and the NDP and a brief flirtation with Elizabeth May and the Greens, and you go all evil on us. According to the Star: "'It's also time to look at clean coal as a solution to meeting electricity needs while reducing harmful emissions blamed for global warming', Dion told a business audience in what was billed as his first major speech as head of the federal party. 'I think there are cleaner coal possibilities, we need to go there to invest in it and to be a champion in the world,' said Dion, noting university researchers in Saskatchewan and Alberta are looking into the potential."

Just read Grist reaming Barack Obama for supporting "clean coal": there is no such thing, and you will lose any credibility with green voters outside of Cape Breton and, um, Alberta and British Columbia and Saskatchewan... do we wonder now why you like clean coal?

You can be seriously concerned about global warming and controlling CO2 or you can pander to provinces where you would like to gain seats. We in Ontario and Quebec are watching.::thestar

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