Army General: Saving Energy Will Save Lives

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With the current House of Representatives doubting the science of climate change and the importance of investing in clean energy, it's always nice to have new voices supporting these causes, especially when those voices are members of the US military. In an op-ed for the NYTimes, retired General Steven M. Anderson comes out swinging with a great argument for the fact that saving energy will save the lives of our troops.

A NATO oil tanker truck was blown up by insurgents at the Pakistan-Afghanistan border last week, and while no one was injured, the incident temporarily closed the Khyber Pass, the main supply artery for Western troops in the Afghan theater. This has become an all-too-routine occurrence; in the last nine years some 1,000 Americans have been killed on fuel-related missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Until the Defense Department develops battlefield policies recognizing that energy efficiency contributes to military effectiveness, more blood will be shed, billions of dollars will be wasted, our enemies will have thousands of vulnerable fuel trucks for targets and our commanders will continue to be distracted by the task of overseeing fuel convoys.

Read the full op-ed at the NYTimes.

Daniela Perdomo's post on the 21st Century soldier's support for clean energy is worth a read, as well.

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