Arizona Elementary Kids Find Online School Newspaper an Eco-Smash

When students and staff at the Frontier Elementary School in Peoria, Arizona realized just 100 kids didn’t have regular access to email in one form or another they took a shot at taking their journalistic masterpiece online, and they’re beaming because of it.That’s because of the simple fact that there are 1,200 other kids who are now receiving the school newsletter online, and learning to read their news in electronic form just like the rest of us. Imagine, kids reading and loving it! They’ve even found their school taking home the Green Hero School Award in Arizona in part because of their efforts to green the school newsletter.

Perhaps it’s an idea that more than a few schools could exploit, saving a few bucks on the reams of paper used to produce the more traditional paper each semester, while enticing kids who are loathe to pick up a book or a magazine to take a gander at an electronic version that fits right in with their daily routine.

Via: The Arizona Republic
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