Argentinean Environmental Secretary Dismissed from Office

Romina Picolotti Former Argentinean Environmental Minister Photo

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Romina Picolotti, Argentina's Environmental Secretary for the last 28 months, was asked to resign from office by president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, several media outlets announced last night.

Media informed that causes include the support the minister gave to the glacier law that the president ended up vetoing and embezzlement of funds. Details in the extended.Romina Picolotti had gained notoriety after supporting the cause of Entre Rios province against Uruguay's Fray Bentos pulp mills and was asked to take on the Environmental Secretariat by former chief of Ministers Alberto Fernandez. But after Fernandez resigned, her relationship with the president got worse and worse during the last months, newspapers informed.

According to La Politica online, the final straw was last week's glacier law issue. Turns out the president didn't want the law to protect glaciers to be approved because it interfered with mining interests, but Picolotti supported the law anyway.

Another project Picolotti was involved in was the native forests law, which was approved a year ago and has not yet been applied by the presidency. Native woods are another area where heavy interests related to soy cultivation enter game.

La Nacion newspaper, on the other hand, claims Picolotti's dismissal had to do with the government's distance from Alberto Fernandez and was supported with accusations of funds embezzlement with the Environmental Secretariat's budget.

Her replacement will be Homero Máximo Bibiloni, a lawyer specialized in environment.

Via La Politica Online
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