Argentina Supports Development of Organic Products


The Argentine Agriculture State Department has approved a development project to support organic production, informed La Nacion newspaper. The plan will have financing from the Inter-American Development Bank (BID) for 900,000 US dollars.

Its goal is to promote consume and marketing of organic products on a national and international level, by supporting investigation and development and encouraging production. It will involve 1600 country producers.

Via La Nacion newspaper. Picture: Organic tomatoes by Tallo verde.According to the official release, there will be education and development of tools to improve the producers' performance, an information data bank that will be installed in the Agriculture State Department, and support to those conventional producers that want to incorporate some organic production.

"The search for growth came from the organic producers themselves, and is directly related to the opportunity that the world market offers to Argentine products. There's a potential demand that's expanding abroad," said the article published in La Nacion, quoting that Argentina is the third country with more surface dedicated to this type of production in the world. However, its participation in the organic trade market is far from the leaders.

"The low level of agrochemicals used in production put Argentina in conditions of being able to satisfy a big part of the world demand for organics," the official release stated.

In 2006, Argentina exported more than 92,000 tons of vegetable organic products mainly to Europe and the USA. The internal demand and consume, however, is very low. ::Original article ::Official release