Are You the Voice of Green Britain? Shout Loud if You Are.


Image credit: 10:10 Campaign

It's only weeks since the launch of the high profile 10:10 Campaign, an ambitious initiative to encourage Britain to cut its carbon emissions by 10% in just one year, but things seem to be hotting up. We've already seen Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Miliband signing up, and celebrities, major companies, local authorities and individuals are joining up in droves. Now the campaign, in conjunction with The Energy Saving Trust, is looking for the Voice of Green Britain. Read on to see if you qualify. Talent scouts are apparently looking for someone who can "tell it like it is, and encourage others to think green, act green and be green." The position will be held for one year and the successful applicant will:

  • Become the independent voice of Great Britain on living in a low carbon way

  • Become a consultant to the Energy Saving Trust

  • Will be responsible for representing the views of the UK-wide Green Ambassadors

  • Attend high profile events throughout the year

  • Will act as a media spokesperson and become the voice of the consumer on green issues

  • Regularly contribute opinion and views through the Energy Saving Trust's website

No word on compensation right now - or whether this is even a paid gig. (It's a pretty sweet one if it is!) Check out application details for the Voice of Green Britain for more information. Let's just hope that whoever wins has mastered the art of the eco-argument.

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