Are There Pesticides Present in Your Child's Urine?

In case parents in your neck of the woods don't have enough to sit and talk about, a new study indicates that children today often have the family of pesticides known as organophosphates present in their urine and saliva in high concentrations.

Of course the obvious question is, How did they get there? And the answer is through a diet consisting of conventionally grown foods. Fortunately, Chensheng Lu, the principal author of the study and a professor at Emory University can shed some positive light on what happens when you switch your child to all organic foods.
Lu points out that when you switch your child to only organically-grown food the presence of pesticides is eliminated from their bodily fluids within 8-36 hours. An amazing feat indeed

And although the study involved just 21 children ages 3-11, the transformation is apparently one that is extremely rapid. As Lu says, "Once you switch from conventional food to organic, the pesticides (malathion and chlorpyrifos) that we can measure in the urine disappears. The level returns immediately when you go back to the conventional diets."

And people say buying organic is "too expensive"...

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Are There Pesticides Present in Your Child's Urine?

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