Are Marketing Departments Blocking Environmental Progress?


From a slideshow of the coolest environmentally-themed advertising to my friend and colleague Jerry Stifelman's piece on why the planet wants you to market really well, we've seen plenty of examples of advertising, marketing, branding and communications that are helping push the case for environmental sanity and sustainable innovation. But, writes James Murray over at Business Green, marketing departments and agencies can also stand in the way of environmental progress:

The chief executive increasingly 'gets it', as they understand the threat posed by climate risks and the opportunity presented by the growing low carbon economy. The finance and operations departments tend to 'get it', as green initiatives often deliver significant long-term efficiencies and financial savings. The sales and innovation hubs within a business 'get it', as they understand that green products are usually better designed and can create a great sales story. But, with a few notable exceptions, marketing departments are often sceptical about the value of green claims and in some cases downright hostile to sustainability initiatives.

Marketing departments may be right to be skeptical of public demand for sustainability. But as every truly great marketer knows, you don't just follow market demand—you create it. The visionaries and pioneers of tomorrow will not be the ones holding back today.

Are Marketing Departments Blocking Environmental Progress?
Business leaders are increasingly aware of the need to cut emissions and reduce fossil fuel use. Marketing departments, not so much.

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