Architecture for Humanity in aid of Katrina Victims


We have all been casting about here about how to deal with Katrina. Dave Roberts at Grist has been doing a wonderful job of collecting news and great links but it is so overpowering, that as Dave says, we can only add bile and sorrow.

One thing we can do is point you to Architecture for Humanity, which is "appealing for donations to support the work of locally-based architects in rebuilding homes and communities in the region's hardest hit areas. We believe that sustainable, appropriate, innovative design can be used as a tool to help families escape poverty." So many rebuilds involve the most expedient and often crappy short term interventions to get roofs over heads as quickly and as cheaply as possible. These short-term "temporary" structures often become permanent as the victims fall off the front page. AFH's focus:
-Providing housing assistance and support for families
-Providing design services and reconstruction funding to community groups in underserved neighborhoods.
-Matching nonprofit builders with donations of building materials and supplies.
This treehugger has paypalled his contribution in. We hope you will too. ::Architecture for Humanity