Arbor Day Foundation Launches Their 2008 Poster Contest for Kids

Recently launched, the 2008 Arbor Day National Poster Contest is underway. And that means fifth-graders from across the U.S. are invited to share their artwork and compete for prizes in the process.

This year's theme is "Trees are Terrific Inside and Out!" and not surprisingly they're expecting you'll focus your efforts around the benefits of trees. But no great challenge to the children of Treehuggers everywhere I suppose.

Last year more than 75,000 classrooms across the U.S. participated in the contest. And the winning entry, submitted by Kaileen P. of North Carolina is featured here.
Of course, your child may not just want to create a poster, but most likely will want to head on out and plant a tree when they're finished extolling the benefits of trees in artistic fashion. A prospect the Arbor Day Foundation points out can help inspire the next generation of environmentalists and nature-lovers everywhere.

For contest details and prizes I suggest you head on over to the Arbor Day Foundation's website and see if your 5th grade class or even the kids at home would like to get involved.

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via:: Arbor Day Foundation