April Fools Day Around the Green Blogoverse


It is wonderful to see that even in these trying times, the green bloggers out there still have the time and the sense of humor to put up some very clever posts. We round up a few and will add as we find more worth wasting bandwidth on.

Triple pundit knocks it out of the park with EIGHT sometimes clever posts including American Airlines Launches Zero Emissions Zeppelin Service, Monsanto Denounces GMO Crops, Launches Permaculture Design Service and the funniest of them all, T. Boone Pickens No Longer in it Just for the Money. More fun at Business, Better. Since 2005.


Discovery site How Stuff Works explains the genetics behind the new Permanent Kitten, a breed where

"Once born, the kitten grows normally up to a designated point picked out by the buyer from a range of two weeks to three months old. If an eight week old kitten is ideal for you, you can do that. If you want a 3 week old kitten that you have to feed from a bottle its entire life, you can do that too." Dr. Funkhouser closed the statement with a cryptic line — "It is the dawn of a new age. With our fairly successful trials thus far, we believe this will only be the beginning of what lies ahead in terms of purposefully arresting external physical development."

Read Permanent Kittens Flat-Out Refuse to Grow


At Ecorazzi, Al Gore Announces New Line Of Organic Vegan Frozen Foods // Archives // ecorazzi.com :: the latest in green gossip-need we say more?


At the Sustain Minihome site, They have introduced CHOMP-CHAMPS = Compost and Organic Matter Processing Combined Heat and Mechanical Power System. This combines a kitchen reactor and a methane producing toilet to make a completely carbon free self contained waste to energy system. Andy tells us that it has special TreeHugger pricing of the option of $ 79,000. Sustain.ca

news footage captures Tokyo Planning Director Godzilla readying neighborhoods for renewal

Planetizen reports: Godzilla Named Tokyo Planning Director, Announces Broad Urban Renewal Plan

Legendary gigantic lizard monster Godzilla has been named planning director for the city of Tokyo. Shortly after his appointment, Mr. Zilla revealed his urban renewal program by smashing through buildings and stomping across entire city blocks. More in Planetizen

Clean Break
and Climate Progress show disturbing proof of global warming.

Michael Pollan starts his morning with a shot of Sqeez-bacon:

A few years after WWII ended, a young man working in a small restaurant in Sweden developed a new way to process bacon. By precooking it and blending it in a special way, he was able to make a fully cooked 100% bacon paste that could be squeezed from a tube. Knowing he had discovered something paradigm-shifting, young Vilhelm Lillefläsk quickly went into business. That, dear friends, is when Squeez Bacon® was born. And this delicious delectable from Sweden has finally been brought over to the USA - now with American Flavor! via ThinkGeek


I can't tell if Jamais Cascio, co-founder of Worldchanging and now writing at Open the Future is joking or not.


Inhabitat shows us The Grama Eco Vehicle Comes With A Green Roof!
The Grama Eco Vehicle Comes With A Green Roof!


Earthfirst: GM Announces Tap Water-Powered Vehicle


Online retailer Greenfeet has a terrific lineup of new items, including solar microwaves, treehugging jackets and a bellybutton lint kit.


I am thrilled by the news from the Healthy Building Network that there will soon be USDA approved organic vinyl.


Planet Green Relocating to Yurts Our old discovery headquarters are already certified by the US Green Building Council as LEED Platinum, but that isn't enough for us at Planet Green. We are packing up our stuff and moving out of town and into our own compound of green, sustainable yurts.

Employees will all bicycle to work, and to save energy, all our writing will be done on Blackberrys and iPhones. Planet Green articles will be redesigned to be punchy and concise and no more than 140 characters for our energy and time saving upcoming conversion to a twitter-only platform.

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