Apple Sues Big Apple Over Green Logo


Whenever we write anything mildly complimentary about Apple Computers, we get jumped in comments by computer class-warriors who call us "fanboys", even though I can't even find the ON switch on an apple machine. While I do appreciate Apple's design sensibilities, sometimes I think the anti-apple brigade might have a point about their arrogance. For example, Apple Computer is sueing "challenging" the City of New York's travel and tourism office. It is running a campaign called "GreeNYC to convince New Yorkers to take steps to reduce greenhouse gases, and hired New York design firm Turf to designed a stylized apple, a symbol of New York since well before Steve Jobs was born.

Apple claims that the GreeNYC mark is "likely to cause confusion, mistake or deception in the minds of consumers."..."Any defect, objection or fault found with [GreeNYC's] goods and services marketed under [GreeNYC's] marks would necessarily reflect upon and seriously injure the reputation which [Apple] has established for its goods and services."Engadget suggests we and others are over-reacting in calling Steve Jobs and gang "arrogant", "farking stoopid", or suggesting that "Gwyneth Paltrow better rename that kid quick", as commenters in Advertising Age did. They say that

"this isn't a true lawsuit, and Apple hasn't sued anyone -- the city of New York has filed a trademark application for the GreeNYC apple-shaped logo with the Patent and Trademark Office, and Apple has filed its opposition to that application. That's an important part of the trademark registration process, actually: every single trademark application has to go through a 30-day opposition period during which interested third parties can raise their objections. We'd say it's pretty obvious that Apple's got an interest in other apple-shaped trademarks, so it's not particularly surprising that it's taking the first available opportunity to speak up about this one."

Right. And my name's George Harrison. via ::green daily