Apple Helps Schools Recycle Old Computers


Are some of the computers in your school from a time when both they and Steve Jobs looked like this? Well, how about recycling them through Apple's new program running until July 31 where they’ll actually come pick them up for recycling at your accredited school or university. Nope, it doesn’t matter what brand they are just so long as you register for pick-up by June 30. Then all you have to do is shrink wrap ‘em on your own pallets and wait for the truck to come take them away… You’ll also have to make sure there are at least 25 computers for them to pick up, otherwise you’re on your own with them! They’re willing to accept monitors and peripherals unless they suspect that they’ve been contaminated by substances that weren't in the original equipment or aren't associated with normal household or office usage. The company also points out they will not pick up hazardous waste, separate batteries, UPS systems, or CRTs that have been removed, cracked, or broken. They will, however, remove all identifying information and grind your old hard drives into itty bitty pieces so small you’ll never know what they were, even back in 1984. So dig in those back offices and see if you’ve got some classic computers to get rid of this spring. It’s a great way to make a difference!

via:: Information Week

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