Apple gives us an environmental responsibility update for Earth Day

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Earth Day is coming, and to celebrate, the fruit company has updated its environmental responsibility disclosure. They made a pretty page to showcase it all, along with a nice video (see below), and put the spotlight on a few new things that they did in the past year: "As part of our continuing mission to leave the world better than we found it, we’re partnering with The Conservation Fund to protect and create the type of forests we use in our packaging. We’ve developed a renewable micro‑hydro project to power our data center Prineville, Oregon. And we’re building a solar farm in China to offset energy used by our offices and retail stores."

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They also highlight how 100% of their US operations and datacenters are running on renewable energy and 87% of their global operations are also cleanly powered. They also increased their water efficiency, removed more toxins from their products, etc. For all the details, dig in their 2014 environmental responsibility report.

They're certainly made progress (even Greenpeace agrees), though I'd love to see them keep going much further. They have the money and engineering resources to do a lot more than everyone else, and so they should; I want to see 100% of all their global operations powered by clean energy, I want them to do more to clean up their supply chain in China, make their products even more energy efficient, recyclable, and toxin-free, etc.

Phil Schiller, Apple's long time marketing VP (but he's doing a lot more than traditional marketing there) tweeted this:

Here's the video they made, giving an overview of some of their green initiatives, including some of the new ones in 2015:

Schiller also linked to a piece by Lisa Jackson, formerly the head of the EPA and now the head of environmental stuff at Apple, about their forest conservation project (which I wrote about here):

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Apple gives us an environmental responsibility update for Earth Day
Is this Lisa Jackson's influence on the fruit company?

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