Apologize to BP: Yeah, You Know What You Did... (Video)

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"I'm sorry BP for not giving you your props for the 8 other oil rigs you operate that are hardly leaking at all." - OWills

"Dear BP, I'm sorry that my hometown, Pensacola, got in the way of your oil spill. I mean, what's 450 years of history and beach culture, compared to your vital need to dig up liquified dinosaur..." - Violetta Shekinah

Politicians aren't the only ones apologizing to BP these days. Yeah, the oil giant may have failed booming school, burned sea turtles alive, and created the worst oil spill in US history—but we humans are a compassionate species. It seems that BP's apology ads have prompted many of us to respond in kind—attempting to put right the wrongs we have committed against this fossil fuel monolith. And boy have we done some mean things...In fact, the apologies are coming thick and fast over at the Apologize to BP website. From folks who feel bad because BP's spill is constantly compared to the far inferior Exxon Valdez incident, through to apologies for not appreciating how much more adorable pelicans are when they are smooth and shiny.

It's some pretty surreal, bitter, funny stuff—but there's still a seething undercurrent of anger running through it all. Maybe we should apologize for that too.

But the prize for the strangest apology may just go to this fellow below. I wonder if we will ever know what really happened between him and BP...

Dear BP: I'm sorry. from Bill Barol on Vimeo.

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