Any Nation That Wants to Combat Climate Change Has an Ally in the US: President-Elect Obama

In case anyone had their doubts that president-elect Barack Obama’s commitment to combatting climate change (especially reengaging with the international community) and in promoting renewable energy, check out this video clip which was prepared for presentation at a Governor’s Global Climate Summit happening in California.

While he doesn’t articulate anything that we haven’t already heard on the campaign trail, I think the important thing to note here is, as the New York Times also points out, that despite the ongoing economic hardship, addressing climate change is at the top of the Obama agenda. The devil may be in the financial details on this one (especially now...) but it is certainly good to hear the words,

When I am president, any governor who’s willing to promote clean energy will have a partner in the White House. Any company that’s willing to invest in clean energy will have an ally in Washington. And any nation that’s willing to join the cause of combatting climate change will have an ally in the United States of America.

via: The New York Times
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