Antipodeans Hot Under the Collar on Climate Crisis #2


Yet over the Tasman Sea, in officially nuclear-free New Zealand, one group is still suggesting that global warming is a figment of fervent imaginations. The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition reckons the Kiwi government is misleading schoolkids about the causes of climate change. In particular they claim it's 'unbalanced' to suggest that global warming might be the result of human activity. One of the key spokespersons for the Coaltion is Dr Vincent Gray, who is variously described as a "well known, outspoken contrarian", a "chemist who's worked in the coal and petroleum industries", having held positions "... studying petroleum, plastics, coal, ...." and "a contributing writer" to the Tech Central Science Foundation, which has received $95,000 USD in funding from Exxon-Mobil. I suppose such a background might give the Coalition an impartial and 'balanced' point of view. :-) Though may I humbly suggest (bereft, as I am, of any scientific qualifications) that even in the unlikely event of global warming ever being proven as a load of hooey, this search for a culprit is a massive red herring. Even without the spectre of climate change, we should be moving to sustainable energy sources. Coal, oil and nuclear energy are derived from finite resources. They are highly polluting in either their extraction, use or waste, and in some cases all three. They concentrate power, if not energy, in the hands of a few. Who benefits from the uptake in widespread, decentralised, renewable energy and energy conservation? We all do. Who benefits from continued reliance on business-as-usual, centralised, finite-fuel sources? Mmmm, gee, that's a hard one to answer. Not.

PS. thanks to John for the heads up.