Anti-Science Noisemakers Have Failed: Americans Believe in Global Warming, Support Clean Energy Reform!

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This is a relieving bit of news: a new poll has shown that Americans still believe that global warming is occurring--and the majority still want clean energy reform. Yes, even in the face of all of the noisy, ridiculous charges that a handful of emails somehow disprove a scientific consensus formed over decades of meticulous research, Americans are still smart enough to see the forest for the trees. A new poll offers these, and other encouraging results--and restores some of my faith in humanity in the process.Okay, so that was a little melodramatic. But never before has your friendly neighborhood climate blogger been yelled at so vehemently in the comment section, and never before has he gotten so tired of deniers' flimsy claims. Alas, reprieve! Joe Romm at Climate Progress reports:

A McClatchy-Ipsos poll from December 3-6 - taken at the height of the stolen email media feeding frenzy - found that that 70% of Americans believe that global warming is indeed a reality. McClatchy also found that 52% of Americans polled still support passing "cap and trade" legislation in Congress.
And while 52% is hardly an impressive majority, note that the figure jumps up to a full 69% if the legislation would create jobs (which of course, if executed properly, it would indeed). Those 69% would still support energy reform even if it cost them 10$ a month (which is around what the CBO estimates it would), and "60% would support cap and trade at a cost of $25 a month if it creates jobs," according to the poll.

Those are some pretty encouraging numbers--especially considering that the poll was taken just last week, at the height of the 'climategate' nonsense. I have to admit, there were so many flimsy-but-loud proclamations and so much misinformation being spewed left and right (but mostly right--o, puns), I was getting concerned that people would start taking it seriously. Good news is, they haven't, and while the hacked email event has fed the deniers another soundbite to endlessly repeat, it rightfully hasn't changed the course of discussion.

Thanks, America.

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