"Anti-Information" Senate Candidate Unveils TV Ad (Video)

"Americans want and need a candidate who refuses to be swayed by information"
Looks like it's not enough to deny science anymore -- this candidate for state senate is taking it a step further, and throwing any and all information out the window. How do you think Michael Sharp would approach feel about climate change?Okay, so it's a pretty funny parody of the Christine O'Donnell-esque crop of political candidates who are dominating the news cycles this election year, brought to you by the same folks who did the hilarious BP spills coffee sketch that went viral a few months back.

But it's also a not-so-funny reminder of the prevailing anti-science attitudes that many of these candidates hold. Most of these candidates, remember, flat-out deny that global climate change is even occurring, employing a bevy of evasions and misinformation when asked about the topic. It's kind of a scary thought that ideology that's so dismissive of sound science could soon be a major influence in US Congress.

Oh, and kudos, UCB -- nail on the head.

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