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Electricity Overload Leads to Bad Energy Saving Decisions

Do you suffer from "electricity overload"? We don't mean the number of plugs crowding your outlets. We mean the short circuit in your brain when you try to figure out:

  • Do you save energy by turning lights off for only a few minutes?

  • Which takes more energy: leaving air conditioning on all day or cooling your house after you come home at night?

  • What is a watt?

  • Do I pay twice as much for an appliance running on 240V as one on 120V?
Never fear: Mr. Electricity has the answers to all your electricity questions. Mr. Electricity is Michael Bluejay, the fanatic behind Saving Electricity. Filled with great tips, useful tools and clear explanations, this site is a must-read.

Mr. Electricity explains how to really understand the information provided by manufacturer's labels and how to use this information in your decisions to achieve the best energy efficiency improvements. For example, most appliances do not constantly use the rated amount of watts power. A refrigerator uses little power when the compressor is not running. A computer uses more when reading a CD or crunching big memory calculations. Mr. Electricity helps you find a way through the maze of uncertainty. With all that you learn, you will save money, help the environment, and probably impress your friends at the next party too.

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