Answer Your Climate Skeptic Relatives PDQ With NRDC's Holiday Global Warming FAQ

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During any holiday where seldom-seen family members may gather, for the green-minded awkward conversations often arise. If your relatives are of the climate change questioning, if not outright climate change deniers, NRDC has prepared a series of informative yet humorous responses to the inevitable questions you'll face. Here's a taste:

2. It's really cold outside. What happened to global warming?

Eggnog answer: Winter

Longer answer: As I noted last winter, global warming does not abolish the seasons. Global warming and climate change, do, however, change weather patterns and increase the amount of moisture the air can hold, leading to more severe storms. The specific reason for the recent cold weather in Eastern North America and Europe (a very small fraction of the Earth's surface) is that cold air spilling out of the arctic, cooling these areas but making the arctic significantly warmer than normal, as Jeff Masters explains in his excellent Wunder Blog.

Other questions answered in eggnog and longer lengths: Do you believe in global warming? Should it be called global warming of climate change? What about those emails? Don't scientists disagree?

Here you go: Holiday Party Global Warming FAQ
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