Another Green Job Opportunity Lost: "World’s Largest Li-ion Battery Plant Opened in Russia"

Novobirsk, Russia, where the worlds largest lithium battery plant was just opened.

Clean Technica offered the dismal news for US job seekers that the world's largest lithium battery plant was just opened in Siberia, based on significant Russian government support and a Chinese business partner. The battery seems to be based on some sort of nano-tech innovation, details of which are not revealed.

Welcome To Ron Paul's World
US politicians and Wall Street investors continue to talk as if it's 1958 and access to cheap natural resources, a skilled labor pool, and getting government out of the way will let wealthy job creators do their thing, bringing good paying jobs to the US.

Green pundits have blogged...hoped...dreamed that abundant US R&D skills, coupled with a job hungry, skilled US labor force and and enlightened Obama Administration energy policy would bring jobs in the US transit sector: in lithium battery production, for example. 'They'll get us off oil!'


State support can trump free-market enterprise and hi-tech, all other things being equal.
A Chinese company, working with a state-owned Russian firm, opened the worlds largest lithium batter plant in Russia.

A manufacturing facility titled Liotech was opened in Novobirsk, Russia as a joint venture between the Chinese firm Thunder Sky and RUSNANO (a reorganized and state-run corporation)...The plant is expected to produce not only big automotive and bus batteries, but also batteries for mobile power spots, energy storage, and emergency power supplies.

The company has already signed numerous contracts to supply the batteries. 500 people are to be hired to work at the facility.

Demonstrating one more time how flawed the thinking of Libertarians and their Republican US political allies are, state owned competitors can easily steal the US' energy & jobs future: time after time; innovation after innovation.

Here's where the Russian battery factory's supply chain starts - a local source:

Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant (JSC NCCP) being a part of TVEL Corporation – is the only manufacturer of pure lithium materials in Russia, which successfully compete with leading world producers of lithium and its compounds. Following the cooperate mission – “Power supply for satisfaction of vitality important needs of mankind through effective use of uranium and lithium” - JSC NCCP supply both domestic and foreign markets with lithium, cooperating with firms of North America, Canada, Europe and South-East on a long-term basis.
And, here's State support comes in, characterized on Wikipedia:
Rusnano (Russian: Роснано) (formerly Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies) is a joint-stock company created and owned by the government of Russia and aimed at commercializing developments in nanotechnology. Rusnano's task is to create by 2015 a nano-industry in the country that will make marketable products worth 900 billion rubles ($29 billion)[2].

Another Green Job Opportunity Lost: "World’s Largest Li-ion Battery Plant Opened in Russia"
Cheap labor and abundant natural resources trump technology and manufacturing expertise.