Another Sunday, Another Silent "Meet the Press" on Climate Change

There are 85 days until world leaders will come together in Copenhagen to negotiate a global treaty to deal with global warming. Next week, when leaders will gather in New York for what's being billed as Climate Week at the United Nations General Assembly, all eyes will be President Obama to see if he can't provide leadership on financing from the world's most developed countries to developing countries to help deal with the effects of climate change. Yet with all of this climate action going on, NBC's Meet the Press, a program I loyally watch to fulfill my week's quota of healthy outrage, again this Sunday did not take up the subject of climate change.I shouldn't be surprised anymore. The League of Conservation Voters found that the five major Sunday morning political shows asked the presidential candidates over 2,000 questions in 2007, but only three of the questions were on global warming.

This week, of course, the show was dominated by talk of health insurance reform, a worthy topic for sure, but one the show negotiated with partisan rancor, tired talking points from even more tired pundits, and more talk of the lunatics who won't listen to reason or pay attention to the facts about health reform. And, naturally, much time was wasted on Rep. Joe Wilson's buffoonery at President Obama's speech to a joint session of Congress last week when he called the President a liar.

As the Senate takes up climate and energy later this fall and the world starts to pay more attention to the negotiations in Copenhagen, I can only hope that NBC's David Gregory and the other hosts of the Sunday talk shows will help to provide fair comment and context so viewers can understand and decide for themselves what should be done about climate change.

But I'm not holding my breath.

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