Another Quote: David Brooks on Infrastructure Investment

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Need to "create jobs for the less-educated workers who have been hit hardest by the transition to an information economy?" Give that man a shovel!

Now the conservative commentators are jumping on the infrastructure investment bandwagon- the fight is no longer about whether the Government should put the country to work, but who gets the money. David Brooks at the New York Times comes out clearly in favor of 1950 car-based carbon-spewing style, with his National [personal] Mobility Project.

An infrastructure resurgence is desperately needed. Americans now spend 3.5 billion hours a year stuck in traffic, a figure expected to double by 2020. The U.S. population is projected to increase by 50 percent over the next 42 years. American residential patterns have radically changed. Workplaces have decentralized. Commuting patterns are no longer radial, from suburban residences to central cities. Now they are complex weaves across broad megaregions. Yet the infrastructure system hasn’t adapted.

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Down the road he sees a place for

all the new ideas that are burgeoning in the transportation world — congestion pricing, smart highways, rescue plans for shrinking Midwestern cities, new rail and airplane technologies. When you look into this sector, you see we are on the cusp of another transportation revolution.

But to get the pump primed, there is nothing like laying asphalt. Brooks wants to tie the foreclosed subdivisions and empty big boxes together for drivers who can't afford gas when what is needed is a radical rethink of the design of our megaregions. New York Times see also Ryan Avent

The Green New Deal is much more exciting. Read more about investing in our future instead of in our past:

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