Another Fake Science Effort Dropped: Another Ball Caught By The New York Times


Right after Lloyd told us about Exxon announcing that it would drop financial support of organizations that, to put it in a understated manner, were "skeptical" about climate change, we found a related story in the New York Times. Kudos to the Gray Lady for pattern recognition algorithms in place. (Normally this would have qualified for one of our "No Comment" postings, but some explanation and analysis seem necessary.) Here's a short excerpt. "The Bush administration yesterday withdrew a proposal to change the way federal agencies assess environmental hazards, health threats and other risks, after an expert panel declared that it was so scientifically flawed that it "could not be rescued."" See the whole article here if you are pre-registered with the Times. Kudos, also, to the Society of Environmental Journalists editor, who knows how to call a foul with the game afoot:- "Industry lobbyists and associations had been using the White House as a back channel to advance their deregulatory agenda, under the banner of "Sound Science" -- which now seems to be a misnomer". Image credit: Smithsonian, meeting of the NAS in 1874.