Another Day, Another Spill: TransCanada Shuts Down Keystone Pipeline

Keystone pipeline photo

Image: Ray Bodden via flickr

The 591,000-barrel-a-day Keystone oil pipeline was shut down over the weekend, after a half-inch fitting broke and spilled approximately 10 barrels of oil. Not large as far as oil spills go, but it was the second spill in less than a month and at least the 12th spill in less than a year.

The Calgary Herald explains: "Keystone, which started operations June 2010, has had 11 such breaks along its line at pumping stations on the United States side of the system." No mention of how many spills may have occurred on Canada side.

The Herald says that lobby groups were successful in demanding greater environmental scrutiny of the Keystone XL pipeline, TransCanada's current and highly-contested project, but no environmental group I know has said that any environmental review of the pipeline so far is adequate.

It's an issue of government transparency, too—at least until the State Department releases communications between the department and a TransCanada lobbyist.

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