Announcing Ed Begley Jr's New Forum on TreeHugger


If you are anything like me you, can't get enough of that lovable eco-icon Ed Begley Jr. I've met Ed and seen his house in person, and he's the real deal. Hey, we even went out to lunch and walked a mile or so in the 110º LA sun to get vegan Thai. Is this guy dedicated or what?

Well if you've ever wanted to know more about Ed, his lifestyle, or his ideas, we're happy to announce a new forum here on TreeHugger dedicated to the man himself. And when I say dedicated, I am not referring to a community where we just talk about, this forum is a place where you can actually talk to Ed. That's right, he's participating in the new forum personally.

And we're giving some stuff away!The forum is structured around Ed's upcoming book:

"Ed Begley, Jr.'s Guide to Sustainable Living: Learning to Conserve Resources and Manage an Eco-Conscious Life"

In the forum you can learn about Conservation, Production, and Management of resources in your life. You can ask Ed questions, view exclusive video and photos, learn about products Ed officially endorses or just personally loves.

No membership is required to participate in discussions, but if you go ahead and sign up for a forum account and request to join the Ed Begley Jr. group, we'll be picking one person this month to receive a signed copy of his upcoming book, and two people will receive Discovery Store gift cards worth $25. Also, we'll be having a number of giveaways in the future, so go ahead and join up!

Now Ed's a busy guy, so it may take a little bit to get an answer to your questions, but we have a lot of helpful members and moderators, not to mention other forums where you might find interesting discussions.

Ed Begley's Forum