Animal Stamps Issued in Honour of WWF's 50th

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It's the World Wildlife Fund's 50'th anniversary and in its honour the Royal Mail has issued a series of ten stamps. The animals featured are species from around the world which have benefited from the work of the conservation charity.

The ten selected were African Elephant, Mountain Gorilla, Siberian Tiger, Polar Bear, Amur Leopard, Iberian Lynx, Red Panda, Black Rhinoceros, African Wild Dog and the Golden Lion Tamarin.

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Each of the stamps will feature a frontal view of the animal and the WWF Panda logo in the lower left hand corner.The WWF was created in 1961 by a group of eminent wildlife experts to tackle environmental problems across the world.

Now it's 50 years old, and has almost five million members. At the centre of its work is the natural world, climate change and the unsustainable way we are using our natural resources.

The WWF has been working to protect the natural world because "nearly a quarter of all mammal species and a third of amphibians are threatened with extinction. The rapid destruction of forests - every year an area the size of England is lost - not only harms forest-dwelling wildlife but also adds to the growing danger of climate change."

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If that's not enough for all you budding philatelists, next year is also The United Nations' Year of the Forest. So there is a small issue of four stamps which highlight species of the Amazon rainforest, where WWF is also working with local communities to tackle deforestation and safeguard species and habitats.

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To add to the fun, there are also new 50p coins being issued. They feature 50 images all jammed onto one coin, including a panda, a wind turbine and a human footprint to present man's impact on the world. If you are bored, look for the rhino, polar bear, dolphin, elephant, tuna, penguin and gorilla, a footprint, a car, a wind turbine, coffee bean, ship and a few more.

P.S.: Don't forget about WWF's Earth Hour on March 26: turn off your lights for one hour at 8:30 p.m. to take a stand against climate change.

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