Andy Griffith's "Mayberry" Goes Solar

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From a stunning Victorian bridge turned solar power station to old houses being retrofitted with solar panels, there's plenty of symbolism around as the past gives way to a clean energy future. As a Brit, I never grew up with Andy Griffith, but news from CSR Wire that Mount Airy (the setting for the fictional "Mayberry") has commissioned a 1.2MW solar power plant could be taken as a similar sign of a culture embracing the next industrial revolution:

Tens of thousands of people visit Mount Airy each year in search of a simpler time and place, but this is a city that is preserving the best of its past, while embracing its future," said Olee Joel Olsen, managing director at O2 Energies. "The six-acre solar farm opening today will generate clean energy for the residents and businesses of Mount Airy for generations to come."

And the name? Why, Mayberry Solar Farm of course.

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