Andrew Bird Tells Us Why He's Not Using Biodiesel on Tour

As his name might suggest, Andrew Bird's music is infused with a sense of nature, from his brilliant Audabon-inspired lyrics to his soaring, bird-like whistling. His vehicle of choice? A Heron bike, of course. The eclectic folker has also sought to lower his carbon footprint on tour, formerly teaming up with tour-greeners Reverb to power his tour bus with biodiesel.

When we we caught up with Bird backstage at Bonnaroo, he talked about keeping waste down on tour, why his biodiesel adventures ran up against the food crisis. He said he hadn't heard of the festival's greening efforts, including an initiative to reduce the kind of bottled water he was drinking. "They should do everything they can -- besides not having it exist," he said. "We can all do more."More on Reverb and Green Touring at TreeHugger
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