And The First Carbon-Neutral College Campus In The U.S. Is...


The College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine!

That's right folks, the college is so small you could drive by it a hundred times before you realized it exists, but the 300 students at the College of the Atlantic can proudly say that they attend the first carbon-neutral college campus in the U.S.

Of course, with just 300 students they're not so big on academic diversity either. Featuring just one major, Human Ecology. But that doesn't mean they aren't setting the course and the standard for everyone else regardless of size.

In fact, just think of how big a chunk of their overall budget the $25,000 invested in the carbon-offsetting efforts of The Climate Trust of Oregon is compared to virtually any other college around. But that investment enabled them to actually meet the commitment put forward by the school's president David Hales way back in October of 2006 to become carbon-neutral by this month.

And it doesn't mean they're stopping here either, because Hales points out that "We have much more to do to directly reduce our emissions, but it is satisfying to know that the last 15 months of College of the Atlantic's contribution to the increase of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere adds up to zero."

Congrats on that!

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via:: CNN

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