And Now, Here's Some Good News

Before I wave a final goodbye to 2009, I want to make sure you know about some of the environmental accomplishments of the past year, particularly those involving the organization I work for -- the Sierra Club. Without the help of our volunteers, supporters, and partner organizations, of course, we wouldn't be quite as effective, so thanks to you if you've signed our petitions, held a house party, or otherwise helped demand change.If you'd like to see a state-by-state round-up of victories (and possibly contribute your own for your particular state), check out our clickable map here. But to whet your appetite while you're here on Treehugger, here are some successes by the numbers:

I'm greeting 2010 with optimism as I see us working with an American public more interested than ever in protecting the planet. If what people are watching on TV and in the theaters count for anything, then it's hard to ignore how the Ken Burns documentary raised awareness of our country's special places and the need to protect them, and Avatar is echoing that theme in the cinema.

We still have a great deal of work to do, but we can be successful if we all work together. Here's to another effective year of protecting the environment!