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Over at the San Francisco Chronicle, Dr. Peter Gleick, the president of the Pacific Institute has come up with the most believable argument against global warming that I've yet encountered. And so, I'll close out my Friday by sharing it.Via the San Francisco Chronicle:

Here is the best argument against global warming:

. . . .

Oh, right. There isn't one.

There is no good argument against global warming. In all the brouhaha about tiny errors recently found in the massive IPCC report, the posturing by global climate deniers, including some elected officials, leaked emails, and media reports, here is one fact that seems to have been overlooked:

Those who deny that humans are causing unprecedented climate change have never, ever produced an alternative scientific argument that comes close to explaining the evidence we see around the world that the climate is changing.

Indeedily do. The whole op-ed is very much worth reading, and that cartoon by Matt Groening (which is included at the end) pretty deftly sums up the tactics of the denier crowd these days--what we've been seeing from pundits at Fox and in op-eds from places like the Telegraph really is the equivalent of bullies yelling at the top of their lungs, refusing even to consider the actual state of climate science.

Gleick continues:

Deniers don't like the idea of climate change, they don't believe it is possible for humans to change the climate, they don't like the implications of climate change, they don't like the things we might have to do to address it, or they just don't like government or science. But they have no alternative scientific explanation that works.
And finally, he concludes:
Scientists are used to debating facts with each other, with the best evidence and theory winning. Well, this is a bar fight, where the facts are irrelevant, and apparently, the rules and tools of science are too. But who wins bar fights? As the Simpsons cartoon so brilliantly showed, bullies. Not always the guy who is right.
Okay, so those three excerpted paragraphs probably don't do the piece service. Go read the whole thing in the Chronicle, and then those of you who feel so inclined can return to yell at me in the comments about how ClimateGate proves that every environmentalist is a freedom-hating socialist. Happy Friday!

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