An Update on Molly the Cow and Her New Home

calf photo

Photo by JelleS via Flickr CC (not Molly, but a darn cute cow anyway)

Last week we let you know about Molly the cow, who escaped from a slaughterhouse for the freedom of the streets of Queens, New York. We awaited news of her fate - whether or not she'd be returning to the slaughterhouse. Turns out, she has a new home that is far more peaceful. Molly has landed a spot at Farrm Organic Farm in Calverton, Long Island, and apparently a boy friend. She's paired up with a neutered steer named Wexley, who has been in need of a good friend for a few years, and she'll have a happily ever after on the farm, free from the prospect of ending up as dinner. Owners of the farm, Connie and Rex Farr, are both vegetarian.

"We have a farm, and we do organic vegetables -- and you can't have a farm without animals," said Connie Farr.

So turns out Molly's escape plan was a very good mooooove. (Yes, I absolutely had to throw in something with "moo." Feel free to roll your eyes.)

Via New York Post
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