An Inconvenient Truth Goes Climate-Neutral


Al Gore's new film, An Inconvenient Truth, has been getting lots of exposure here at TreeHugger. We've mentioned the trailer, a review, crunched the numbers of the science behind it, and even seen it ourselves. The day has finally arrived when the rest of the world gets to check it out (in limited release, at least, with a wider release soon), and with the official release comes more good news. Partnering with NativeEnergy, the carbon emissions associated with the film's production have been offset, helping Gore and An Inconvenient Truth really walk the walk. The partnership includes a new project at to raise awareness about and help stop global warming, including the film's website and a pledge from Paramount Classics to commit 5% of the domestic theatrical gross for An Inconvenient Truth to a new bipartisan climate effort, the Alliance for Climate Protection. The film joins other like-minded productions like Syriana and The Day After Tomorrow in efforts to mitigate climate change by offsetting carbon emissions. Though it's been released, it isn't too late to take the pledge to see it opening weekend, and support the work of Al Gore, NativeEnergy,, and everyone trying to make our planet a little cooler. ::NativeEnergy, ::An Inconvenient Truth and