An Inconvenient Truth - Al Gore Is A Hit With Enviro-Film At Sundance

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Apart from serving as Vice-President, running for President, writing books, setting up TV stations and founding an ethical investment company, the man who never quite made it into the oval office has spent the best part of the last twenty years fighting the good environmental fight. Many of you who are politically, as well as environmentally aware, will already know this. Those who only remember him as the Commander—In—Chief who never was are soon to discover that Gore has a new calling; one much more important than being The President of The United States. An Inconvenient Truth is a new film documentary about Gore's environmental crusade around the world to raise awareness on Global Warming. Geraldine Bell writes in last Sunday's Observer newspaper that Gore has been giving 'a passionate, expertly documented multimedia presentation on global warming, in halls and on campuses, mainly to invited audiences. This campaign is personal and impassioned. He has given the presentation, by his own admission, more than 1,000 times.'While Gore's environmental message may have reached many people already by his own legwork, with this film it is set to reach many millions more. Bell writes: 'An Inconvenient Truth sold out at Sundance and received standing ovations. The Q&As; with Gore following the screenings were packed. "The reception he got was extraordinary," says the film's producer, Lawrence Bender (Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, Kill Bill). "He was a phenomenon at Sundance. He seemed larger than life."

It is fascinating how the power of the film and celebrity world can make people sit up and take notice. While mostly the focus is on the superficial and mundane (will Brad marry Angelina — yawn!) it is exciting that sometimes it can make people focus on really important messages. In this instance it appears that the film industry will do for Al Gore what nearly winning the presidency never did — make people listen. Bell goes onto write in the Observer: 'Marty Peretz, editor-in-chief of The New Republic, has known Gore since Gore was his student at Harvard 41 years ago and insists that this is the authentic person. "He has always been funny, charming and self-possessed. It seems that people are starting to understand that now. They are also recognising his honesty, his intellect and his bravery. When he started talking about the environment 20 years ago people thought he was something of a crank. It was a courageous thing to do. He thinks very far ahead of the game.'"

So it could be that with An Inconvenient Truth Al Gore's time has come. We hope that this campaign will have more success and greater impact than his last — with clear winning results. Read the full Observer article by Geraldine Bell here.