An Ethanol-Powered Plug-In Hybrid? Leave it to Google


As Google ramps up its innovative for-profit model of world changing,, one of their first projects will be to develop a plug-in hybrid engine that runs on both ethanol and gasoline, the New York Times reported today. Google’s philanthropic efforts are taking a novel path, harnessing the power of for-profit status to do the things that are traditionally the territory of non-profits. (see our earlier coverage of Dr. Brilliant’s work) The Google Foundation represents Google’s 501c3 non-profit, and will be beholden to those rules, but the more innovative of the two is, which will be able to make partnerships with venture firms, spark start-ups, and even do political lobbying. Tackling global public health, poverty, and climate change are’s mission. Other Google related climate news comes from, where Google Earth and the UNEP have employed satellite mapping software to illustrate environmental damage. :: New York Times and Hugg