An Environmental Bailout: Where is the Real Urgency?

Bribri indigenous man
Indigenous Bribri man overlooking the vast rainforest

I am honestly tired of hearing about the bailout of our financial system. Maybe the very best thing for the environment would be a complete collapse and restructuring of the way our government handles our tax dollars. All I hear these last couple of weeks is the great fear people are having for the loss they are seeing in their pensions and 401K’s. What about to the hundreds of species that go extinct every year and the human languages and cultures that are rapidly disappearing succumbing to modern ways? Does our society have its priorities straight?The stock market is plummeting and the banks are not lending and there are talks about another depression sweeping over America. I have been depressed for years as I watched our US agro-business spray toxins on ancient cultures, who have loved and cared for this planet long before our western ways have slapped a price tag on everything they have considered sacred from time immemorial. Spraying bleach on our coral reefs to catch lobster, removing mountain tops to scoop out the coal, dynamiting hills to extract the gold: these things are happening right now as I type and all of a sudden our country is in a state of emergency that maybe we won’t be able to afford a second Chanel purse or a $16 lychee cosmopolitan just maybe outside our budget.

Food and water
Poor Americans are struggling to feed their families as food prices are sky rocketing and wonder how could this be happening as the US government continues to subsidize their good friends at Cargil and Conagra. Meanwhile small, family organic farmers can barely afford to renew their organic certifications and the gas it takes to get their produce to the local farmers market. Our tap drinking water continues to be tainted with chlorine, the same stuff we put into our swimming pools to kill every bug and algae that may come in contact with it. How did things get to be this way?

I sit here as I type this blog baffled at reality and the state of how things are and the way the world is that I bring my children into. Did someone sit down and plot this out? Or is it just a never-ending string of circumstances that have brought us to right now? I pray hard for a great change to sweep over our country and then trickle down over the entire world like our tv and movies have infiltrated the living rooms of nearly every home on Earth.

Right now people are killing each other over reasons they haven’t even begun to understand as fathers, mothers, husbands, wives and children weep at the news of the loss of their loved ones. Is it possible to change all this madness? I truly believe it is and have great faith that humanity is dawning on a new age. Where people love more than hate, give more than take, listen more than talk and discuss more than fight. Lets decide what is really important to focus our energy on improving as we dance through life.
Ok, gotta run cause I will absolutely DIE if I miss the new Dancing with the Stars!!

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