AmIGreenOrNot Online Community Breeds Green Camaraderie and Competition

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Social networking is quickly becoming the way we operate today, including green living. Websites that let people talk with one another to get ideas on how to live more greenly and support one another in their decisions are part of this new way of life.

And of course a part of that can be some friendly competition to see who is greener. AmIGreenorNot is a brand new website - still in beta mode - that asks just that question of you.

We strive to build an online community to increase awareness, share ideas, and to collectively gain a richer understanding of what it really means to be "GREEN." Our website's main objectives are:

* To provide a place where people, groups, businesses, and organizations from around the world can (a) publicly share and promote their green lifestyles and (b) get direct feedback from their peers.
* To harness the wisdom of crowds as a way to (a) accumulate viewer opinions (b) compare one's green lifestyle with another, and most importantly (c) help identify who among us is REALLY green .and who is REALLY not!!!!

Right now you can see the voting results on businesses and people (Ed Begley and Al Gore among them, of course) as well as add your own profile so others can see what you do to be green and rank how green they think you really are.

While it has a certain smack of shallow Hot or Not thinking, it does have the seed of some light-weight fun and inspirational tip sharing opportunity that can help folks think of and act on more ways to go green.

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