America's Most Endangered Rivers of 2008


Rivers flow over spillways, through blood colored gills, over rocks slathered with life. Their levels reflect changes in climate. They assimilate organic waste and carry eroded soil and plastic bits out to the floating garbage gyres. Rivers offer natural beauty, recreation, and are the lifeblood of many businesses. We wish we could write like Hemingway about them. (What would Hemingway have blogged - The Nick Adams posts perhaps?)

American Rivers has just released a report on the top ten American rivers at risk. There is a press release with the details on the threats to each River, depicting the interplay of climate change with other risk factors such as diversion, logging, and effluent discharge.

Can you guess which three of the listed at-risk rivers are pictured in this post:- Catawba-Wateree, Rogue, Cache la Poudre, St. Lawrence River, Minnesota, St. Johns, Gila, Allagash, Pearl, or Niobrara?

The full report, America's Most Endangered Rivers™: 2008 edition, can be downloaded here. Via::American Rivers. Image credits::via Press Page.



Image credit::Last photo, Photo Art/Ian Coristine

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