America's Air Conditioned Nightmare

Graph shows changes in population since the "Air Conditioning Age" started circa 1950
In an earlier post we linked to Alternet's first post on the massive impact of air conditioning; they recently published part two, which discusses its impact on the settlement of the United States and the change in its political makeup and voting patterns. Few inventions, perhaps even just the automobile, have has such impact on the way we live. Here is a link again to the first part.. Read also the second part: "Luxuries like comfort air-conditioning are affordable only in a make-believe world with unlimited fossil fuel reserves and a method for pumping carbon dioxide into outer space (or unlimited tolerance for nuclear disaster and storage for radioactive wastes). In a greenhouse future, we will need every kilowatt we can squeeze out of wind machines, solar arrays, and biomass just to fulfill essential needs. None will be left over for cooling down the Astrodome." ::Alternet