Americans Want Clean Energy Reform, Finds Pretty Much Every Poll Ever


Well, there are even more polls coming out showing that Americans are still strongly in favor of jump starting the transition to a clean energy economy--the most recent two focus on African American and Latino voters. And guess what? Both groups, in sizable majorities, said that they think fighting global warming is important, and that they will vote in favor of candidates who support climate action. Interesting? Yes--encouraging? Indeed. But let's not forget that these two polls are only the latest in a long line of polls that show time and time again that Americans are in favor of transitioning to clean energy. Here are the findings for the poll (pdf) concerning Latino voters, in the "Results of Multi-state Opinion Polls of African American and Latino Communities:" (via Climate Progress)

  • Overwhelming majorities of Latino voters in Florida (80%), Nevada (67%) and Colorado (58%) say they are more likely to vote for a U.S. Senate candidate that supports proposals for fighting global warming. Virtually no one is less likely.
  • About three out of four Latino voters in Florida (76%) and Nevada (74%), and about two out of three voters in Colorado (64%), consider global warming very or somewhat serious. Three out of four Latino voters in each state say Congress should take action now.
  • By about three to one, Latino voters in these states say switching to a clean energy economy will mean more U.S. jobs (66% in Florida, 72% in Nevada, 64% in Colorado). Over 8 out of 10 voters in each state reject the idea that fighting global warming will hurt the American economy.

And the results are equally encouraging in the poll of African American voters:

  • In every state, three out of four respondents said climate change was either very or somewhat important in choosing a U.S. Senator - and in Arkansas and South Carolina, a majority said it was very important.

  • About 9 out of 10 African Americans in all four states support government investment in green jobs, and even more support green vocational educational programs to help prepare students for green jobs.

  • 60% said they wanted the climate change bill to pass in the Senate before midterm elections

Notice these opinions are relatively consistent in red, blue, and swing states. And yes, African Americans and Latino voters are traditionally 'bluer' votes, but they make up essential voting blocks even in red states like Arkansas and South Carolina, and especially in swing states like Florida and Colorado.

The point of all this is that there's even more evidence now--as Climate Progress puts it, "pretty much every major poll in the past six months makes clear that the public supports climate and energy legislation because it achieves multiple benefits, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions"--that people want to get away from fossil fuels and move towards clean energy. And that despite the efforts by industry interests and certain politicians to claim such a transition would 'devastate the economy' or whatever, people still want comprehensive energy reform. And they want to do it to mitigate global warming, too!

Bottom line: fence-sitting senators who are afraid to step up and reform America's unsustainable energy sector should take note. The voters would support you if you did.

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