Americans Support Obama's Energy Policy: New Poll

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Obama's poll numbers have been slipping on health care--but perhaps surprisingly, they remain strong when it comes to energy issues. A recent poll shows that a strong majority of Americans still support the president's handling of energy policy: 55% do, only 30% don't. And you might be surprised to see what other green ideas Americans are behind.According to Boston,

A new poll says most Americans support the way President Barack Obama is dealing with energy issues, including his plan to limit greenhouse gases with a controversial cap-and-trade approach. A Washington Post-ABC News poll published Friday finds that while support is slipping for the president's heath-care proposals, support for his changes in energy policy remains firm.
So what else do Americans support. Cap and trade, for one. Yup, 52% of US citizens support a cap and trade system for curbing carbon, while 43% oppose it. And while that's of course not as strong a majority as most climate bill proponents would like to see, it's still quite an edge. People often talk about--or avoid talking about--'cap and trade' as though it's a bad word. Reports were surfacing not too long ago that the Democratic party was attempting to change its messaging by ditching the term altogether. Perhaps they were nervous because of the pun opportunities it provided the GOP ('cap and tax').

But this poll demonstrates (again) it's not the name that people have a problem with, and that Americans support climate action--even the complicated, admittedly unwieldy idea of cap and trade that many citizens don't even fully understand. Democratic leadership needs to take note, and capitalize on this support--Americans want climate legislation.

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